Freezing during playback on WD TV Live WDBGXT0000NBK-12

Hi, I have a WD TV Live (model WDBGXT0000NBK-12), however whenever I play long videos - either by streaming online or playback from a USB storage device the entire unit will freeze - requiring me to turn it off at the wall and restart it - every half an hour to forty five minutes.

It happens playing all video formats and on all streaming sites, including Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. Being an electrical engineer myself I’ve run a significant amount of tests on the device pertaining to operating temperature, etc, and everything seems to be operating within very normal range.

I’ve made sure to have it updated to the latest firmware, and even performed a factory reset and tried it on the old firmware but it still does it, which makes it unusable for the simple task of sitting and watching a movie on. Just last night we tried to watch a 2.5 hour film and had to reset the device 4 times and then fast-forward to the spot we were at.

Not very fun.

Anyone had this happen with their unit and know what I can do to fix it? From what I can tell it can’t be a network bandwidth issue like others seem to be saying, since it happens playing movies off a thumbdrive or harddrive, too…

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