YouTube Video Freezes after PAUSE


Did anyone notice that if you pause a YouTube video for more then 15 seconds and then PLAY the video, it will freeze after few seconds and you will have to press REW or FWD to play the video, it is very annoying.

Haven’t seen this case personally on my unit. 

What firmware are you running on the unit?

Have you tried resetting the unit to see if stills the same?


I tried restting the device but it didnt help out. 

I wanted to ask you when you pause any Youtube video for over 15 sec on your unit and then Play it, the video starts playing ? It doesnt freezes at all ?

Can anyone please check this for me on their WD LIVE TV device ? when i pause the Youtube Video for over 15 sec and then resume, It gets freezes after 15 sec of playback.