Wd tv freezes

Hi :smiley_cat:

I purchased my wd tv media player (WDBAAP0000NBK) 4 years ago. But a couple of days of occurring momentary freeze a couple of seconds, this happens all the time especially after the device overheats … say after half an hour of use. I tried to use it on several TV (LG, Samsung), use HDMI cables with different … nothing.
I had the latest firmware (1.06.43_V) but I also tried to do the downgrade to previous firmware (1.06.15_V) … but nothing.
these freezes occur either during playback (usually file hd 1080p) both while navigating through the menu.
These are continuous freeze and increased after prolonged use. Whether it’s a hardware problem? maybe he decided to abandon my beloved wd? ahhaha :laughing:

Thanks to all and sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

Update : If I connect via component does not give me problems would appear . it's a problem of my wd attack hdmi ? those blocks could be due to a lack of signal televisions detect ?

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If this is only happening with the HDMI port when overheating then it’s possible for the device to be displaying early signs of failure. If your are still under warranty it would be best to replace it.


Try changing your video output settings, this did not work for me, I rolled back my firmware, and it worked perfectly. I NEVER had any problems until the last firmware update. It would hang up something fierce, and I would have to unplug it to keep watching a movie from my NAS Server. It does however ramdomly play the first VOB twice.