Folder Thumbs .jpg or .metathumb?

Ok i got the Thumbgen and Mojo working good.

Before I start labeling everything does anyone have any input on folder thumbs.

Here are a few steps that were suggested by others.

1) Make sure the thumbnail in each folder is called “Folder.jpg”
Then in the hidden directory, delete the “thumbs” directory. pull the power cable for 10 seconds and reinsert. this will clear the cache and force a rebuild with he new folder icons

2) delete all .wd_tv folders and metathumb files and let the player rebuild your thumbnail gallery

_3). If all above is set correctly and still not working, delete the “.wd_tv\thumb” folder [hidden] and “.miocrawler_cache” folder [hidden]. (I hope these folders exist on SMP)

4). make sure autoscan is set to off or manual in settings [doing this by memory and dont remember the exact details]_

I will be using an attached USB Hard drive

should the folder then be folder.jpg , or rename the jpg to    1.metathumb

Thanks again for everyones help

If your using Thumbgen to generate all the data for all your movies/TV shows, then you should use .jpg’s for everything.

The .metadata’s and .jpg’s don’t coexist on the SMP/HUB and you have to use either one or the other and I always recommend using .jpgs because if you use .metathumbs and you decided to make changes it can be extremely hard to get rid of the .metathumbs because of how they are cached.

The downside to using JPGs is that many of the other filter settings won’t display covers correctly. They will display fine with all .metathumbs, though.