Some folder images working, some not

Hi. My first post but have already learned a lot from this very informative forum.  Stuck on something though with my new WDTV Live Hub.  The subject has come up a lot before, but I have tried all the suggestions and the problem remains. I am trying to get genre images for each folder. I have done the folder.jpg thing, and tried !folder.metathumb, etc. The reason I am adding to the numerous posts on this issue is that two of my five folders are working, with a TV icon for one and a Home Movies icon for another.  But three of them are insisting on showing the first alphabetical entry within the folder.  Can anyone tell me why the exact same set up within each folder works for some folders and not for others?

if you are using .metathumbs for the movie images you will need to use .metathumb for the genre folder image as well. metathumb trumps jpg.

Also with metathumb the genre folder image must be the 1st image alphabetically so usually 1.metathumb works.

If this is still not resolving it for you its due to the image cache.

  1. within the genre folder you will see a “wd_tv” folder… delete its contents

  2. on the root you will see a “.miocrawler_cache” folder… delete its contents

  3. within “root.wd_tv” you will see a “thumb” folder… delete its contents

  4. reboot the hub by pulling the power cord for 5 seconds

Thanks for your response.  Where there are metathumbs - those movies where I have used Get Content Info on the hub - I have used .metathumb for the image.  The two folders that work have no metathumbs.  But two of the folders that do not work also have no metathumbs.  I have tried emptying the thumbs folder within wd_tv.  I will now go and try deleting the other things you suggest.  One question though…I am using an external drive .  Do I pull out the power cord from the hub without ejecting the drive? And if so, will it damage files to pull the power without ejecting safely first?

So I still haven’t worked this out.  No matter what thumbs and the like I delete, the wrong image is still displayed. What seems to be happening is it is looking at the xml info of the first film and uses that above all else.  For example, I have a James Bond folder with a jpeg within to be used as the folder image. I have tried naming the jpeg !folder.jpg, !folder.metathumb, amongst others.  This works fine in other folders whose contents do not have detailed xml. But the contents of my movies folders all have detailed xml.  So no matter what, I get the image from A View To A Kill, the first movie in the Bond folder.  I noticed the following at the end of the xml file for that movie:

followed by a list of other thumbnails.  When I enter “tmdb-707” into Google I get to an info page with the very thumbnail that keeps appearing as the image for the folder.

As an experiment I put every movie into another folder within the Bond folder, leaving only the jpeg I want to use at the top level of the Bond folder, and that makes it work fine.  But I don’t want to have to go into the James Bond folder and then into one more folder (which naturally has the View To A Kill thumbnail on it).  I hope this all makes sense and welcome any suggestions.  Thanks.

Ive been there, and other strange things.

But the way I got round it, is rename the folder.jpg to 0000000.metathumb and it will display that, it was a while back but it will and did work.

Do a hard reset (power button for more than 5 secs), then switch it on again and let it rebuild itself after you have done this, and it should be ok.

And I have never ejected a drive on any of these players and nothing has broken yet. :slight_smile:

No, no change. Changed the folder.jpg in my main movies folder and the one in my James Bond folder within that.   But still the first alphabetical movie within is the one whose thumbnail appears as the folder image. Thanks for the suggestion though.

What are the file formats?  ISO, MKV, VOB?  If they are VOB, there’s a known issue that has been ongoing in which the VOB folder structure causes issues for cover art to be displayed.

The files are iso. So the first three in the James Bond folder, after the newly-named 0000000.metathumb.jpg are:

A View To A Kill (1985).iso

A View To A Kill (1985).metathumb

A View To A Kill (1985).xml

And the same for all the rest of the movies after these.  The only other thing in the folders, visible only when I make hidden files and folders visible on a PC, is a bunch of backdrop folders for each of the movies I used Get Content Info on the hub for.   These come ahead of the movie files. That info help at all?