Folder thumbnails Cached and wont update?

So in some of my folders that wont get a xml/metathumb from tvdb etc, ive had to make my own  default    “!folder.metathumb”  files…

Problem is the WDTV live hub CACHES the folder.metathumb and If I CHANGE it to another picture it will NOT update even after reboot’s etc.

The ONLY way I can get this to fix itself is to rename the folder and call it something else.

If I RENAME it BACK it still goes to the old thumbnail (even knoing the !folder.metathumb is a different picture)

Anyone have any thought’s/Idea’s on how to fix this ?

I figured this out (with help from another user) hidden files/.wdtv and then /thumbs and to delete the folder with the bad info :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community. I am most glad this has been resolved.

This method hasn’t worked for me. I’m accessing my WD via WDLookup (WIFI network connection) and editing the files remotely. I have noticed that thumb files I delete are rather quickly replaced with duplicates. Where are these files coming from? And more importantly, should I be connecting directly to my WD hard drive via usb? 

try overwriting them instead of deleting and replacing them

aUser wrote:

are rather quickly replaced with duplicates. Where are these files coming from?

you’ve probably got your “get content info” set to “Auto”  … go to Setup > System > Media Library and change it to “Manual”

tmbd has been updating their site and recently fixed a bug.

this is from am xml file for selma from WDTV it won’t load.

this is the correct one.

Notice the double slash after the

Not sure what needs to be fixed in the scrapper script but that is the problem


I just did a test ‘get content info’ for “Slema” on the WDTV and it works fine … info, poster and backdrops = ok

//  works fine on the WDTV (Firmware 1.02.17)

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<overview>“Selma,” as in Alabama, the place where segregation in the South was at its worst, leading to a march that ended in violence, forcing a famous statement by President Lyndon B. Johnson that ultimately led to the signing of the Civil Rights Act.</overview>
<cast>David Oyelowo / Tom Wilkinson / Carmen Ejogo / Andre Holland / Omar J. Dorsey</cast>
<director>Ava DuVernay</director>