No Thumbnails after update

I did a update for the first time and now all my thumbnails are gone. All the thumbnails came from the get info and auto populated. All info previously worked had thumbnail and all movie info. All movie info there just shows a picture of a camera where the thumbnail would have been. All files look in tact as they used to be. Very upset with the update as all pictures are messed up. PLEASE HELP… Why would they go backwards on a update.

Are the .metathumb files still physically on your drive?

You can try clearing the media library.  On the SMP, go to Setup, System, Media Library, Clear Media Library. Then press the Home button on the remote.  Once the SMP finishes re-compiling the media library, check to if the thumbs show up.

And no, this does not delete any files, it just clears the cache.

Yes all the files are the same as they were before the update. I did as you instrusted and after the complie the same issue. All the data from the file is there example how long the movie is, youtube trailer, rating. The only thing that does not work is the thumb nail. I had an older media player where I used to have to call the picture and the tumbnail would come in. The newer model with the search feature would auto put thumbnail in and all data. The new format would be the same name of the file. There is a folder named .wd_tv on the hard drive sub directories folder named thumb files uniondb.cas_0090a9c0a4b1, uniondb.cas_0090a9c0197e, and wdtv.cas2. In the thumb folder contains another folder named after the main directory the movies are in. The files in here are MOVIES DVD.thumb, MOVIES DVD.thumb_73x104, and MOVIES DVD.thumb_99x138. There is another folder named MOVIES DVD which is the name of the main directory with a whole bunch of thumb files.

The 2 files that you need to be concerned about are the .xml and .metathumb files.  So you should have for every movie.

moviename.mkv (or what ever extension you have)



If you have these, then you can try this.  Eject the drive from the SMP, then plug it into your PC and delete the .wd_tv folder from your drive.  Eject the drive from the PC, then completely power down the SMP (hold the Power button for 5 sec.), plug in the drive, then power on the SMP.  Wait for it to compile the media library and check to see if you are still having the same issue.

If you are, then what file types are your videos?

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Okay with your help I am now able to see the problem I was having. I use VOBS, so when I create a movie it will put the movie in a format like Safe House/VIDEO_TS. In order for the thumbnail to show through you have to have the directory set as Safe House/Safe House. In the older version it did not matter about the name of the folder inside labeled VIDEO_TS as now it requires the same name as the main folder. As you probally know it keeps it cleaner using another folder when using VOBS as there are few files. Thank You for all your help.

Yep, that’s why I asked you what your file types where.

If I were you though, I would look at converting to ISO instead of using the DVD format.  You’ll have the same capabilities (menus, extras, etc.), but only have a single file to worry about.