First time user needing help

I have just purchased a MCH box, for a long time ive been using a PC with multiple drives as a place to store videos etc,

Having googled the hell out of it I know realise its a piece of **** that isnt anything like a NAS drive should be, as such its going back on ebay


User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

Have you checked the Knowledge Base to see what you can find that may help you.

I read that link, didnt help in the slightest

You are right, it is not a real NAS. It is meant for home users who don’t want to tinker around with settings.
As a storage device you should install the WD software. If you just use it as a Time Machine backup for a Mac you don’t have to.

Have to post from another account as the one i posted with wont work, bet ive been banned for not liking the product

Anyway thanks for a sensible answer, truth is ive put it on ebay as even though it works as a storage device i cant share any files to kodi/ smart tv.