First Time Install, Diagnostic Warning

First time here and buying a WD NAS so hi to one and all, I have just received my WD PR4100 with 2x4TB hard drives (2 bays free) on the Home page the Device shows that there is a firmware update but also the Diagnostic has a Caution icon against it and says the RAID Status says “No Configured Volumes” I’m not sure the correct way to proceed, I’m assuming something needs to be done about this warning, any help would be much appreciated.

I get as far as page 14 in the user manual and for W7 it tells me how to locate PR4100 but when I open “MYCLOUDPR4100” alI get is an empty folder, the manual however says there should be “Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Videos subfolders.” so not sure how to proceed.

I did think they would need formatting or configuring but nothing is said about this under the setup at the beginning of the manual, I will skip to page 53 as you suggest and check that out.

I have now configured the 2 drives and the RAID Profiles shows Volume 1 and 2 JBOD and both having 3.93TB, on my network it shows I now have Folders for Public, Smartware and TimeMachineBackup, I also mapped the drive but getting to my question, how do I access Volume 2? I was wanting to put video in volume 1 and music in volume 2.