Firmware upgrade problems

After the lastest firmware upgrade I cannot access the “Dashboard” and on on computer I can access the cloud from my editing software unless I enter a password to a network that doesn’t exist.

hi from spain

+1 the same problem


Is it possible to provide a screen shot of the login screen that you are being prompted with?

I have a similar issue.  I cannot access the drive via the mycloud app, via dashboard in browser, or finder.  I can ping the drive, but if I reboot, it takes several hours before I get a response via ping again.  Light never goes solid blue.  Have attempted a reset.

Contacted support and they said…reset.   Well thanks captain obvious.  This was my backup drive.  Come on WD, I need to trust your products. 

My only hope, if support can’t help, is that I can still mount the drive if I take it out of the enclosure and use a sata cable. 

Can’t seem to get a screen shot but it’s the windows security box asking for a password to the network. But the name of the network isn’t one I set up.  It’s not happening on my other 2 computers one running Vista the other 7. Just my main computer also running 7. None will allow access to the dashboard. The IP address is not working.

Is this the box you are seeing?


You are saying you have more than one computer that you are using so then you have a network.

What User Name and Password did you use when you setup your network? Do not answer this just use them for access to your device.

For providing images have you tried the Snipping Tool provided in Windows 7?

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cat0w (USA)

You can run the WD Discovery program to see if the IP address of your WD MC has changed since the Dashboard accesses it by IP address.

this program, with the new firmware, show error screen, and tell you a url for SAT

Rafa (Spain)

What I would suggest doing here to resolve this issue is changing the work group of your computer and your My Cloud to something else than “workgroup”.  Reboot both devices and then retest.  You shouldn’t be prompted with this again.