Firmware upgrade overwrites or upgrades on top?

Hi All,

Just a quick question about firmware upgrades…does it wipe the existing firmware completely and installs the new firmware, or does it simply do an upgrade over the top of the existing firmware, thus preserving some of its data?

It seems like it’s the latter, but I wonder about that. Normally, a firmware install on e.g. an iPhone or Android would wipe the internal partitions. And yet, your data is preserved on My Cloud.

All the tweaks I’ve made via SSH and the dashboard settings have been wiped/deleted and reset to defaults after the firmware upgrade, so I’m hoping that was a clean firmware upgrade after all.

The reason I ask is because my WD My Cloud performance took a hit after the upgrade and I’m just wondering why that’s the case. I’ve posted about it here if you guys want a read:

The only thing I could think of was during the firmware upgrade, I uploaded the firmware via WiFi. I probably should have connected to my router via ethernet but the upgrade was done successfully anyway.

System settings managed from the Dashboard as opposed to SSH are kept intact unless noted in the release notes. SSH modifications are likely reversed because they are not supported.

Hmm, so it sounds like the firmware upgrades are just dirty upgrades rather than full clean upgrades?

I’ve had good performance on an older firmware and on the latest firmware it’s now gone to ■■■■. I’ve downgraded hoping I’d get the old performance back, but that’s not the case. I still have the same performance as what I get on the latest firmware.

I want to do a proper clean downgrade/upgrade without keeping any system settings (whether it’s dashboard or SSH etc). Is there no proper way to do this? At the moment I’m doing a full restore but that simply wipes the data doesn’t it?

Similar to phone upgrades, when you put in another firmware, it will replace the current ones in the rootfs partition.

Although all your rootfs tweaks are gone, WD still retain specific settings such as accounts and shares. If you want to come clean, do the 40secs reset. Your device will be factory wiped but data intact.