Firmware update - very slow - very disappointing out of the box experience

I’ve just got my much anticipated MBL 2TB drive today  and have to say it’s a very disapointing experience.

I’m currently stuck on 10% of the latest update with no sign of it completing and has already timed out once after almost 2 hours.

Can somebody from WD advise how long this update should take over a 25mb BB connection? Is there any tips or tricks for applying this patch?

Is there a faster way of doing this so I can enjoy the product that I have paid for?

Do i have a product that I should be returning for a refund?

There is another way of updating the firmware.  See . . .

Best read the entire discussion thread.

Obviously the firmware file name will not be apnc-021009-124-20111113.deb but will be apnc-021109-053-20120413.deb.

Appreciate the pointers but that appears to be a cross your fingers and hope it works solution.

So 5 hours later I have no NAS out of the box, it’s time for bed and I’m going to have to terminate this process as the battery on my Mac will die before this update completes.

This is honestly one of the most dreadful out-of-the-box product experiences that I’ve ever had. 

I’ve not had any problems applying updates, but I have not used the Dashboard UI to perform the update.  Did try once and it stuck at 10% as yours did, so did the update via the Linux command line.

All my method does is bypass the Web UI and the script invoked to perform the update is the same script that the Dashboard/Web UI uses.