Firmware Release 04.05.00-320 (11/28/2017) Discussion

Firmware 04.05.00-320 (11/28/2017) is out for the first gen single bay My Cloud units. Feel free to post the good and bad about the firmware.

4.05.00-320 Release Notes:

Resolved Issues:

  • Resolved SMB server (samba) security vulnerability (CVE-2017-7494) - Malicious clients can upload and cause the SMB server to execute a shared library from a writable share.
  • Improved Cloud Access connectivity from the device.
  • Resolved issue of MyCloud device waking up from standby despite no activity.

Direct link to download:

i observed no difference…

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After firmware update all my personal programs on /usr/local/bin was deleted, and crontab file was reset. Not really a problem, just a warning to other users.

Samba version (smbd -V) is not updated, it is still version 4.3.11 as in v.04.05.00-315.

Every time I do an update I always lose the crontab entries. No big deal, just need to know it happens. So far this update is running fine.

That has always been the standard behavior when updating WD firmware. And it is often mentioned/warned about in the various unofficial “app” modification posts. Often for the v4.x firmware any unofficial mods are lost when upgrading the WD firmware.

Yes you are right about that Bennor.

A funny thing is that after A System Full Factory Restore, these files and crontab entries are not lost.

As I understand it a System Full Factory Restore does not replace firmware files, only resets certain firmware values in addition to wiping user files/data.

After firmware update, I can’t login with ftp. All settings are OK (dyndns sync IP, FTP access is on, NAT is set to trigger port, users have permission to r/w) My Cloud is used in small company (3-5 users) via remote (ftp) access, all machines are Win10 or Win7. Was OK before update. Some help please? Thanks in advance.

Can you FTP to the My Cloud from a local computer on the same local network as the My Cloud?
Have you checked the port forwarding (if enabled) FTP port to ensure its IP address is the same as the My Cloud’s IP address?

If one isn’t using a reserved or static IP address on the My Cloud when the My Cloud reboots it could obtain a new and different IP address. This will break any fixed port forwarding rules configured on the network router/gateway.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, double check the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network > FTP setting to ensure its set to ON.

FTP to a local My Cloud is working fine on my local network post firmware update.

Local ftp connection works fine. Remote did not work. uPNP is on, portforward is set, FTP is on, IP address is static But i don’t understand, all settings are untouched - 2 days ago was working, today not working :slight_smile:

Have you checked with your ISP to ensure they are not blocking inbound FTP access?

Try using to see if it indicates the FTP port is open. That may help narrow down the issue somewhat.

You may, if you are not doing so, want to reserve the IP address for the My Cloud in the router’s DHCP server settings rather than setting a Static IP Address through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section.

canyouseeme doesn’t see port 21 as open port. Not even port that i use to trigger 21 port. Now i am lost :smiley: But, ISP didn’t block port, all gone wrong after automatic firmware update.

First, disconnect the NAS from the network. Then reboot your network router. Reconnect and power up the NAS. Many times this will reconnect the uPNP internal route.

i am running build 315 (the previous release). i suppose I’ll upgrade, but this time before doing so - can i have some tips on what is the best way to go about updating … if not just doing it via the “install and reboot” feature offered when i’m logged into the mycloud dashboard from a browser on a device which is on the same network …

Still nothing. I need to get it up an runin’ til monday :smiley:

Well either reset or contact WDC

Try a 40 second reset if you haven’t already. Sometimes the 40 second reset will fix issues that arise from a firmware upgrade.

Also if you have previously modified your My Cloud firmware using SSH to add an unofficial mod or app, a firmware upgrade may introduce instability or additional problems.

I will try that. Now i am restoring router on factory settings.
Didn’t add anything using SSH.
Was trying rollback to 315 version, but no success it say invalid image with code error 37001.

See the following thread that has information about how to roll back to an earlier version. On the v4.x you typically have edit a firmware file via SSH to trick the My Cloud into allowing an older firmware .deb file to be installed.

After the update I seem to have a browsing problem on my network: the network folder in my Windows box does not show the NAS nor the other Linux boxes anymore and the net view command results in error 1231.
Addressing the individual computers with SMB is not a problem, but now you have to know (and type) their names…