Firmware 1.16.13

Bought a new unit today and noticed it has this firmware.  Now I would normally update to the latest one, but there seems to be caution with that, judging by the threads on here.  Bearing in mind I bought it purely as a backup for anything my new TV won’t play itself, and not really interested in its ‘smart’ features as such, is there any benefit at the minute to going to a newer firmware?.

Btw, background ot the purchase if anyone is curious, I’ve used the WD Live TV Hub for a few years now and been very impressed with that (plays everything I’ve ever thrown at it).  So when this came up in Currys @£18.97, I snapped one up :slight_smile:



You can read all the improvements the new firmware has to offer in the  Release Notes

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1.16.13 was what I rolled back to in February having been frustrated with issues in the December release.

The next (& current) release was issued a couple of weeks ago and can’t seem to play a significant fraction of MP4 files like many other users have found. Yes it has a nicer iPlayer, Mirrorcast and an app centric desktop unlike Mochi.

But if u dont care about this new stuff and just want to play files that are MP4s from local usb/via network then yes I would stick with 1.16.13 until the mp4 issue fixed - they usually take a month between any release so dont hold your breath!

NOTE: 1.16.13 still had issues remembering what it had played between powerons via the Media Library. That is more fixed in current release, but not completely I suspect.

ps: £19 u got a he|| of a bargain. Especially as “new” box the WD TV  seems to be exactly the same less Netflix app (once latest update installed on TV Live)

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