Finding Enclosures for WD drives with Power Disable Feature

The latest HGST - WD Ultrastar DC HC520 HDD | HUH721212ALE600 | 12TB 7.2K SATA 6Gb/s 256MB Cache 3.5-Inch Helium Data Center Internal Hard Disk Drive has “Power Disable” feature and won’t spin up on any legacy hard drive enclosure.

This is because the power to the pins is required to be different under the new specifications.
The “Power Disable” feature is a relatively new standard. Drives are supplied with an adapter disable the new feature,

……But then one doesn’t have a a convenient HD enclosure with simulated protection and heat dissipation.


According to Http://, looking under that same 18TB drive compatibility reference to enclosures it lost what seems to be ALL there enclosures.

So I ordered a Mercury Elite Pro single drive enclosure and will try to see if the HD will spin up normally!

I would appreciate knowing of any external HD enclosure compatible with these power switched drives that can’t spin on older enclosures without using a WD supplied primitive and fragile attachment cable to inactivate the new feature!