Can Ultrastar DC HC550 SATA be used in desktop computer & hard disk dock/enclosure?

Hello WD Community,

I understand that the WD Ultrastar series hard drives are designed for data center to be used in servers.

Therefore I am not sure whether it can also be used in normal desktop computer and in external hard disk dock/enclosure just like any other WD Internal SATA drives such as the Blue/Red/Purple/Gold etc?

Does it have the same standard SATA connector and SATA Power connector like the other Internal drives?

Kindly enlighten me. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @balance,

Please be informed that WD Ultrastar series hard drives can be used on the ordinary desktops. It is the same as an ordinary SATA hard disk, but the power supply-demand will be slightly larger.

We cannot guarantee if it can be used in the external hard disk box and NAS. You need to check the compatibility list of hard disk boxes and NAS products.