Files Transferring from Dropbox to MyCloud

I just bought a new MyCloud. I would like to know how to transfer files from Dropbox to MyCloud. Please advise.

Is it possible to set the dropbox path to a share on your MyCloud and let the dropbox desktop app do the work for you.

kindly show the way please.

Use the following link and you should find the answers to virtually any question you have about using your WD My Cloud.

Use SmartWare to work with your Dropbox, you can download SmartWare from the link above and use this link to get the User Manual. For Configuring Your Dropbox Account see P.65 in the User Manual.

I checked , but unfortunately no , the dropbox app has been coded to only allow local drives not networked ones as the storage option.

There IS a workaround , but it’s not guaranteed 100% to work all the time…

Another way would be to use a local drive initially for dropbox and use a program like freefilesynch (freeware) to automatically copy any changed files in the local dropbox folder on your PC onto a MyCloud share folder.