Files that are missing from my external

I recently plugged my My Passport into my smart tv to watch a few movies. I finished watching the movie and unplugged it from the tv. When I plugged the external into my computer, I cannot find the files which had all of my movies on it. I have tried a few recovery programs but no progress.

Hello, are you able to see the files is you connect the drive to the TV again?

Yes, I can see some of the files. But it appears they have been moved into
a renamed file.

If you go to the computer, are you able to find this files by the new name that it has on the TV?

No, I have tried that and cannot find the files under the new folder name.
The odd thing is that based on the space available on the drive, the files
are somewhere on the drive, I just can’t find them. It is almost as though
they have been hidden but I selected the icon to unhide all files which did
not change anything that I could tell. Tonight I will try to search for a
few of the file names that were lost instead of searching for the folder
names and see if that helps at all.