Files storing on my local laptop?

Wondering why my files seem to be taking up space on my local storage on my Mac - when I go into “About this Mac” > Storage the “System” size is being taken up via my MyCloud files.

I tested this by copying files and watching the “System” size increase and decrease.

Does the MyCloud not act as a server and store on its self? Or do the files always remain on my computer.

Its not just the public folder either its both as I tested that as well.


Files stores under My Cloud Home device and would be access over the internet. It will not store the data files on computer or on server, it will keep files in My Cloud Home supported by 256-bit AES volume encryption.

Well somehow it’s storing on my local hard drive in my laptop

How do you store data files on MY Cloud Home?

Didn’t know there was different ways, not sure what you mean?