Live Plus: WDBABX0000NBK-00

FW: 1.06.34_B

Ok I am having a major issue with this box either changing files to a folder or deleting them altogether!

Here’s the deal:

I have a 2TB drive (seagate if that matters) with a dozen or so “genre” folders. Inside them are movie folders with each folder containing a video file (.avi or .mp4) and a poster (.jpg). At seemingly random times I will notice that either the video or poster file will dissappear. At other times the video file will be named just like was, but will be a folder! It even has the right extension at the end of the folder name (.mp4) but is permanantly a folder. Inside the folder is empty.

I don’t see how or why it makes any changes to any of my data at all. I have been enjoying my WD experience up till lately but if my data is not safe then I will be forced to look at other alternatives.  I also have a hard time believing I am the only person experiencing this so I hope someone has some good suggestions.

This is a weird one.   There’s been probably a half dozen reports of this recently.   

But since you’re using beta firmware, you probably should be posting in the beta thread…

It happened to me as well 2 weeks ago (NOT on the beta).

I was viewing a series, went out, suddently I only see a single folder in all my share. I thought, pfft, maybe the share got screwed again, so I went to bed without thinking about it.

The next morning, my wife asks me, hey, where is my stuff… and when I checked, the entire share was deleted besides the series we were watching.


Lucky me, I had a backup from  a day before (but that was freaking luck).

I’m serisouly considering a small lawsuit as a response to this.

Didn’t realize the B stood for BETA… The box just asked me to upgrade one day. Maybe I clicked pass the “This is beta” screen or something.  I will try going back to a different FW at some point and see if it still happens… In the meantime it will collect dust while I check out running XBMC through HDMI.

It doesn’t.  B stands for “Bungallow,” the “code name” for the live plus.  ALL plus firmware ends in _B, and all the Non-Plus ends in _V.

And MY BAD… .34 was NOT beta, but it WAS pulled out of service by WD.

This is not a new bug. I reported the same thing last year:


I was told to eject the drives manually everytime I shut down the wdtv. However, this problem was not present in earlier firmwares.

I did NOT have anything connected, I’m only using the WDTV with streaming from the PC (win7).