Files Randomly Deleted During Network Share

OK I have a Fantom 3TB Hard Drive attached to my WDTV Live. I use the network share thing with my Windows 7 laptop to send stuff over occasionally. I have my stuff set Video > TV > Genre > Show > Season > Episodes

Today, I sent over three single episodes to three different shows, and an entire season of another show. I sent these over seperately and very carefully. Now here is what happened.

Show one: (Arhcer). I sent one episode into season four. It went there, and it’s fine.

Show two: (Community). I sent one episode into season four. It went there, and it’s fine.

Show three: (Parks and Rec). I sent 16 720p episodes into a new folder called Season 05. I sent them three episodes at a time over the course of an hour. They all got there and were showing my network share. When I looked on the WDTV about ten hours later, I noticed there was no season five folder, and no episodes anywhere. I unplugged it, plugged into my laptop, and it still was not there. Just completely gone.

Show four: (Justified) I sent 1 episode into season four, which already had 11 other episodes. I looked on the WDTV and not only was the episode I sent not there, but the other 11 other episodes, which have been there for weeks/months were gone. The entire season four folder was randomly gone. Checked on my PC - and yep, it was deleted. Just totally gone.

Can anyone shed some light as to what the **bleep** happened and why I lost around 20GB of data? The drive itself is in great shape and runs flawlessly, never had this problem before. My drive is considered a “network location” when I look at my Computer. Any help would be appreciated.

Some other info: I do not use media library on my WDTV - it’s slow and unnecessary, and I prefer going through a file list. I’m not sure what to do at this point. Really, really weird.

There’ve been several reports on lost data but so far it’s uncertain a) what’s causing this, b) what firmware it started on. Still, 1.05.04 seems to be a safe firmware, so a rollback would make sense.

I don’t see the 1.05.04 firmware on this page. Is that even the right page? And isn’t that from like, 2004? I’m on the latest firmware now - would I lose functionality in rolling back? If it’s randomly deleting 20-40GB chunks of my data I really do need a solution now.

v1.05.04 is from May, 2011.  It is not displayed at the WD website. but you can find it for download elsewhere if you search for this file:

This is for the Live Plus, and NOT the old Live.

Remember to roll back to the “WD authorized” firmware first, then you can roll back to 1.05.04.

Authorized in this case means 1.0634 ->  106.15 -> 1.05.04. I’ve done this successfully though one person claimed he had problems with this in the 1.06.34 firmware thread.

Before anyone rolls back, they need to read this link below, and pay attention to the subtle version number differences between the two models of players’ firmware, and focus attention on your model of player.

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live HD Media Player or WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player

Additionally, one does not need to roll back to v1.05.04 if the version mentioned in the above link worked fine for you in the past and you were satisfied with it.   Version 1.05.04 is the next version back, and many of us prefer this version to the one that followed and is currently recommended by WD.

We have been focused on the firmware for the Live Plus in this latest discussion.  Someone with an OLD Live can find the roll back firmware for it by searching for: