File System support.... what's the better?

According to italian manual:

Supporto file system del dispositivo di archiviazione USB
„- FAT/FAT32
„- HFS+

I have make some test with some my USB PenDrive (Kingstone 4GB, 8GB and 32GB)… i thinks FAT32 it’s very fast respect NTFS but there is a limit of 4GB File size:

  • Whit a KingStone 32GB Datatravel G3 formatted NTFS… write speed about 7.5MB/s, The same PenDrive formatted on FAT32 write speed raise to 10MB/s.

The Fasted File system i found it’s ExFAT… about 15MB/s write speed… no 4GB File Size Limit but it’s not fully supported by all OS (windows 7 and Ubuntu it’s ok 4 example).

Any of you have any experience on this ? Spek about here :slight_smile:

I don’t have a play but have owned 3 WD media players

so I assume the WD play is linux based same as the others

so file support

best would be ext3 (linux native formatting)

after that fat/fat32

then others

NTFS is a windows format (other WD models use a paragon driver)

HFS+ is a MAC format (I’m not mac guy, but I think this is loosly based on ext3) but not sure how good the support is for it