No storage present with NTFS, ok with FAT32

I have 2.5 USB HDD Transcend StoreJet 25M (TS320GSJ25M) with SAMSUNG HM321HI Firmware: 2AJ10001 inside.

If the drive is formated as FAT32 - WDTV detects it - everything is fine.

If I format it as NTFS (using Transcend utility or Windows XP) my WDTV does not detect it (No storage present). The USB HDD drive is safely removed from desktop of coarse.

My WD firmware is 1.02.07. Media library is off. Can the issue be fixed?

PS BTW if I format my usb hdd as ext2 - no problems.

I think, I’ve found the reason of this. It is nonstandard block size of USB HDD. It is 4096 bytes instead of 512. Many linux programms and distros on desktop (Gparted - for examble) work incorrectly with this block size. Here is a screenshot

(sorry for Russian locale). The problem seems to be on WD side to be solved.

Here is a report on the drive from HDDScan utlity

I have checked NTFS partiotion created in Windows on a computer running Ubuntu 9.10. No problems with it!