File Sync with Linux

I have been able to sync file folders on my Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 computers by using FreeFileSync.

I have not been able to find software that runs on Linux (Ubuntu Mate 1404) and cooridinate pictures with folder on my WDMyCloudEX2. Free File Sync cannot even see the WDMyCloudEX2.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

I am not sure if you are asking what software to use to sync between a Linux computer and the EX2. If you are, then I recommend you look into the command line linux tool rsync. rsync is included in most Linux distros and most likely you already have it in your Ubuntu Mate distro. rsync is also installed on EX2 as well. Search on this EX2 sub-forum. I have recently seen a thread or two with people offering their working solutions using rsync between a Linux machine and EX2.

Besides those rsync-related threads, I have also commented recently on a thread, where two different directions of mounting using Samba is discussed. That may or may not have any use for you. That thread is here ->

I do not have a good handle on how to use RSYNC. Linux scripting has not been easy for me to set up. A sample of rsync with a WD NAS would be useful, including how to set it up as a script rather than typing it in every time. I will check the other thread. It sounds promising. I have tried usin FreeFileSync and UNISON and neither sees the WD NAS at all, so the thread referenced may be just what I need.