Rsync on the WD EX2

Hallo Community,

how can I activate the rsync daemon on WD EX2?

I have a problem if I try to syncronize the folders between Synology NAS and WD over rsync.

I need the way to transfer the files between NASes without downloading it to my PC. So NAS<->NAS not NAS<->PC<->NAS. I’m also open for the other solutions.

Thank you in advance for the help

P.S. Excuse me for my poor English…

Rsync doesnt appear to be installed on the EX2.  Unless you want to build your own custom firmware I would suggest that you add this to the Network Prooduct Ideas section of the site located at the following link;

Since this would enable file syncing between the WD device and other NAS devices running the Rsync service I would think that WD may be interested in adding it.  I would vote for it. 

Synology and QNAP our both running RSYNC on several of their NAS devices so this would be a nice enhancement for the EX2 / EX4 series.

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Thank you Vertech1,

I followed your advice and made an request for the “new feature”. :slight_smile:

Here is the link:

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Rsync is actually installed on the EX2. You can ssh into the device and just run “rsync --help” to see all the possible rsync options and usage. But as far as I know, there is no GUI interface that offers rsync from the dashboard - unless one of the dashboard’s backup options are actually using rsync behind-the-scenes but is not explicitly stating so.

Nice catch Cybernut1. I didn’t think to log in via ssh and check for it. It would still be a nice addition for the GUI though.

I forgot about this recent post in the EX4 sub-forum, but on re-reading it, I realized rsync is the tool being used for remote backup jobs created in the dashboard GUI ->

But I think if you do it from the command line, you may have (not sure as I haven’t closely looked and compared) more options than perhaps a more standard set of options in the GUI.