File format support differences between WD TV and Live Plus


I recently purchased a Live Plus to replace my WD TV, to gain the ability to stream NetFlix.  I was surprised today to find that titles that played with my WD TV show up as “unsupported file type” with the Live Plus.  I thought there wasn’t supposed to be an appreciable difference with the supported file formats between the two. 

Has anyone else has a similar experience?

Well - NEVER MIND!  :neutral_face:

I unplugged both the external USB disk and the WDTV LP, and the files it was saying were unsupported before now fired right up and play fine.

Go figure. 

Hey wizhill, how long did you wait when you unplugged the WDTVLive? Today when I try to play a MPEG-2 (HD1080i) file, I am getting “This file format cannot be played…” message . Crazy! I played this file just yesterday.

I can confirm that True-HD audio in a M2TS container played flawlessly on my older WD LIve. Now with the plus it stuttters and skips in the audio.

Way to go WD!!!

Well, I did a few things to try to narrow it down. 

 1) I placed the file on a USB hard-drive and plugged it straight into the WDTVLive player. The file played.

 2) I placed the file on a shared folder on my main computer. The file played.

 3) However, when I try to play the file from my NAS (WD My Book World Edition II), I get that crazy error message saying that the file isn’t a recognized format.

 4) I played the file sitting on my NAS from a Windows XP machine, no issues. The file played.

So, it seems that there’s some communication issue between my WD NAS and the WD TV Live…

I only waited a few seconds.  The first time this happened I unplugged both the external drive and the WDTVLP.  Today the same issue happened, and I tried just unplugging the WDTVLP and that did the trick.  I have no idea why it’s happening, or why unplugging it solves the issue.  Hopefully whatever the cause is will be addressed in the first firmware update.