WD TV Live - EVERYTHING Unsupported ?!

This is my first post, and an early warning, I am not educated in hardware/software related specs.

I have had my WD TV Live for only a few months, and it has been absolutely perfect since the moment it was out the box.  However, the other day I was in the middle of watching something off a external harddrive I had previously seen with no issues when the screen went black, though the audio was still audible (it is plugged into speakers, not TV). I then backed out and tried to replay the file, only to get the Not Supported message. I then tried over 2 dozen files, from AVI, MKV, MP4, etc., and every single file prompted this error message. These files still work perfectly fine on the computer, and no matter what i’ve done (unplug, hard reset, factory default, update), every single file under the sun is supposively not supported… which obviously it is because I’ve accessed hundreds of files over the past few years. Ive looked at some other people’s postings and have not found anything quite like whats happening with mine. I may not be able to give specs due to inexperience and lack of time, so any ideas are more than welcome… I just dont know how knowledgable I’ll be with most questions.

Thanks all for any time spent~

Just reboot it.

KeefNCookies wrote:
Ive looked at some other people’s postings and have not found anything quite like whats happening with mine.

Actually, it’s been mentioned several times that when a certain file messes up the LIVE, all files played after it don’t play either till - as Tony wrote - the device is reset (or even power-cycled). To avoid this, stop playing the problematic files once they’re identified.

Agree.  This problem exists with other WD models as well.  When it happens to my Live Plus, it is fruitless to try and play something else, so I just press the power off button; in extreme cases, I remove the power (using the handy-dandy on/off switch I added to the end of the plug.)

It is best to eject any hard drive connected to the WD before turning off or removing power; unless the darn WD is totally frozen/locked up.  

Such is life with the WD media player; who knows what makes it stop playing – likely something  in the data “confused” the processor and it needs a reset.

I have already reset to factory default, tried unplugging it for a while, and finally poked the lil reset button on the side without change :\ thanks again everyone!

I stumbled across a file which corrupted both of my WD TV Lives to the point where neither of them would play anything.  Just resetting to factory configuration didn’t solve it, but this did:

Erase the offending file/folder(s) AND the .wd_tv folder from the external drive

Eject the drive

Unplug the drive

Clear Media Library

Reset to factory configuration

Plug the drive in

You’ll need to re-specify your content source, after which it should be good to go.