'[FAQ] Twonky DLNA Media Server Setup & Use

the ‘hi fi cast’ app developer said he might include the bitrate in a future version.

Is it really that important in a media player…?

Hi cpt_paranoia ,

We appreciate your response and will use these steps in future whenever required.


I have no idea what that reply is about. What steps are you talking about?

Or are you responding to the OP after two and a half years…?

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Probably not. Just like all the features thats all.

Hi there cpt_paranoia,

I gotta admit you did a great job with the whole article here, i hope WD are appreciating your effort even though as you said you are not their employee. I am kinda late (2 years) on my question, but i think if someone can help me, that’s you.

At home, i have WD TV Live, and a NAS WD MyCloud 4TB. Both of them are at their latest firmware updates.
All of the devices are connected to the same workgroup at home and a d-link gigabit switch takes care of the multiple LAN connections i have.

My main problem is with the subtitles, they are not shown with the movie.

-They are in the same folder, with the same name.
-When i use “network share” (at the beginning i had problems setting it up so that the movies will list here), the subtitles do work, but the problem with network share is when i play HD movie (720p or 1080p) it glitches and jumps. Media Stream doesnt have this issue, but the subtitles are missing.
-WD MyCloud is also directly connected to other smart tv’s around the house, 1 Philips - again no subs though media player, and 2 samsung tv (1 supports subs, and the other doesnt). So based on the experience that at least 1 tv is showing the subtitles, then i guess the problem is not with WD MyCloud?
-i got in the twonky settings as u described here, but cant find any subs settings.
-maybe try and install another media server on the NAS?
-I dont like the solution where i need to get the movie and subtitles as one, since i got lots of tv shows and movies, it would take months to do that.

I dont understant why WD TV Live is not showing the subs from the cloud NAS…since both are WD and they should be compatible.

I hope i was thorough with my explanation of the setup and what i’ve done so far. Hopefully there is a fix.

Thank you in advance

That sounds like a fair assessment of the situation.

Subtitles do seem to cause a lot of trouble; search the forum for regular discussion. I think it’s mostly down to the rendering device, and whether it is able to render subtitles over the video. No doubt with the usual problem of file and codec format support thrown in…

I’m afraid I don’t use DLNA for video; I use Kodi, accessing my NAS as a file server. The only subtitles I have are those downloaded from BBC iPlayer, and Kodi is able to play the .ts stream, and render the .srt file on top with no problem.

I also do not have a WD TV device, so I can’t offer any advice on that. I use a cheap Android media box, connected via wifi to the network, and HDMI to a dumb full HD TV. That runs Kodi, various catch-up TV services, and BubbleUPnP for DLNA audio playback.

@cpt_paranoia Hi there - just wondering if you are also active in any MediaMonkey forum as I actually have some issues with HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request when using Strg-L to discover disc information.
Switched already to freedb.musicbrainz.org with no better response.

I do use MediaMonkey, but I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m afraid.

I want to thank you for putting all of this information together. It has helped fix some issues I had with my Bose SoundTouch app and my WDMyCloudMirror. I have my music in a Music_Library share with subfolders for ALAC and FLAC versions of the music. The SoundTouch app wouldn’t let me select a share on my WDMyCloudMirror. With your information I was able to make Twonky only see the ALAC subfolder.

The only thing I don’t like is the way Twonky changes some of my genres from Discogs. For example, it takes genre Folk, World & Country and breaks them into three separate genres: Folk, World, & Country. This is probably how Twonky is programmed internally for genres. Did you ever find anything on how it handles ID3 tags?

WD EX2, firmware 2.11.178. KEF Stream (App) and KEF LS50 Wireless active speakers. Such nice speakers I’m in the middle of re-ripping all my CDs into FLAC, and putting it all on the NAS.

Encouraged by this thread I looked into getting Twonky to serve full-resolution cover art thumbnails. In my NAS’ version of Twonky (7.2.9-6) there are a bunch of different Media Receiver Types in dropdown lists against MAC and IP addresses of the clients, in the Twonky web admin page:


These list items resolve to XML files in /usr/local/modules/twonky/resources/devicedb/

Unfortunately these files are read-only, even to a root SSH login - it’s a read-only file system. Any hints on making it writable would be welcome.

There is a helpful readme and template xml file, which then leads to the usual suspects - the options AASCALE and NOTRPICS.

Grepping through all the xml files gives an indication that none of the built-in configs uses NOTRPICS but a couple use AASCALE . The Naim Audio Streamer config has a nearly default set up and AASCALE#1000x1000. So, I selected that one in the Twonky web GUI, cleared the cache and rebuilt the database. It works! High-res artwork in the mobile App.

Just wanted to thank you for this FAQ, I’ve spent countless hours trying to get my Ps4 to see it. Worked from all other devices just not the ps4. Setting a static IP and using twonky ui to set all permissions sorted it! Cheers

And some years later… I read all the thread but I couldnt find my “situation”. I bought a My cloud EX2 ultra a couple of weeks ago and it works fine. I´m just struglling with not seing some vídeos in the Twonky interface (consequently in my LG B7 tv). Those vídeos have the same characteristics than other that appear in the same folder.
Many of my mp4 videos captured on different mobile phones (e.g. OP6, huawei) are showing up in the Twonky DNLA as audio and not video files.

I searched a lot and I found similar situations but no solutions. Once this seem to be the most complete discussion I ask here if there is something new about this?
Many thanks

Might wanna try Twonky support

After about five years with the WD MyCloud, I am starting to sense that it just isn’t worth it to continue to use it. As many thread commenters have offered, it seems like a lot of the WD MyCloud features were half baked (Townky media server being one such feature) and the auto photos backup with non-stanard iPhone photos (such as slow-mo videos, edited videos, edited photos at times) don’t properly get uploaded to the WD MyCloud.

May be looking in to iCloud after all is said and done, but I still like Synology NAS concept and they seem well maintained. But then again, it’s only a matter of time before Synology too is superceded by some bigger company.

Hi. i have a problem accessing twonky from my cloud. now mr I could username and password and I never configured any private access to it. I have entered the UI of the cloud and I find this in multimedia settings.

How do I solve this problem? do I re-install the firmware manually? thanks

First troubleshooting step is to use a computer’s web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard rather than a cellphone’s web browser and see if the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Media page loads correctly.

Not sure from your initial post where you are being asked for a user name and password. If accessing the My Cloud Dashboard you are asked for a user name and password this is typically due to the Password option on the administrator user account being enabled. One can access the My Cloud Dashboard > User page and the administrator account is typically indiated by a green checkmark on the User name. One can set the Password slider to off.

When accessing the My Cloud DLNA media server using a DLNA media client one is not asked a password. The DLNA protocol does not (currently) respect any security settings on a Share. Instead one either enables Media Serving (in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares) on a Share or disables that setting for the DLNA media server to scan the Share and use any supported media. Generally if you are being asked for a user name and password to access a Share it’s because you are using a file manager program and not a DLNA client to access that Share. For mobile devices one would likely need to use a DLNA client app. There are a number of apps for each mobile device’s operating system. For example on Android, BubbleUPnP is one such DLNA client app that some use, there are others available in the Google Play Store (or Apple iOS store if using an Apple device).

In the case of Windows one may have selected the wrong My Cloud entry in Windows File Explorer. In Windows File Explorer typically two or more entries may appear for the My Cloud. One is for file access the other is for the My Cloud DLNA media server. Example of how Windows File Explorer lists the My Cloud media server:

One can access the Twonky configuration page by going to (for example): http://wdmycloud:9000/.

When one is having issues with the single bay/single drive My Cloud, one troubleshooting step is to perform a 4 second reset and or a 40 second reset to see if that clears the issue. If not and it’s a firmware issue one can download the current firmware for their single bay My Cloud from the WD Support site (see link upper left) and use the Manual Update option in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Manual Update.

Friend Bennor. The twonky asks me for identification when accessing through port 9000 and I never put that access control. It works apparently well because it shares the videos and photos that I want to share on DLNa, but now I can’t enter it because I have tried various user and password configurations and it gives me an error. observe the screen of access to the twonky server that I put, same problem on phone as on PC.

In the image that I put yesterday of the multimedia menu of the Mycloud UI, a strange text appears where the version of the twonky server should appear.

I’m going to try updating the firmware manually to see if this service recovers. thanks for your help

By chance do you have younger kids/adults in the home? Or leave your WiFi network unsecured?

Generally the only way for Twonky’s administration interface to ask for a username and password is for someone to go in and add a user name and password on the Twonky Advanced Server Settings page. either that or someone gained access to SSH and has changed permission settings at the root level.

Hopefully reinstalling the firmware manually will solve the issue.

Fixed manually reinstalling the current Gen1 firmware of my device. The server has reappeared correctly in its version and no longer asks for username and password. It is the best solution for those who have this same problem. Thank you very much for the help.