Failed Drive on my EX4100

Hi there,

Newbie here (as will become very apparent!)
I had a power outage the other day and when I started up my NAS I found one of the volumes (Volume 1) is missing. I can still see volume 2 which is a spanning volume. I have also noticed that one of the Hard drives is faulty. I have, currently 3 HDD an 8TB drive and 2 x 2TB. I cannot remember if volume 1 was spanning or JBOD.
When I plugged the faulty HD into my pc it recognized it and I was able to get at the files using recovery software but unfortunately the video files that I have recovered wont play. I wonder if i was to image the faulty drive then put the image onto another hard drive, would my NAS pick it up? Does anyone have any ideas of anything else I could try?
Sorry this is so fragmented and thank you for any help.
I have now ordered up 3 NAS HDs and will, in future, be running RAID but I would like to get the data back somehow.



You could refer to the following link:

In my experience running RAID caused more issues if there was a failure, as all drives are needed to fragment that data. Started running parallel a used drive, and a daily/weekly backup drive. Much less likely the drive that runs once in a while will also fail on you. Of course plug it in to a surge protector as well.

Also for swapping drives in the EX4 you can’t choose in their current firmware, you need to pull functioning drives from the device, then format the new drives in the slots you plan on putting them in. At least that’s what I ended up doing with little documentation online about the EX4100 specifically. Worked like a charm, and didn’t lose any data. However there was a popup that asks if you’d like to rebuild to not lose data, make the right decision on that popup.