Ex4100 Switching to Spanning. Will data on the drives be lost?

I had a single 4TB in the cloud under JBOD and I’ve added another 4TB. The 2nd drive has the red light. I want to switch to Spanning so that I can get on large volume of both drives. Will I lose all the data on the first 4TB? Is there a way to switch without losing the data?

The only way is to copy the data somewhere else, reformat the EX4100 into that mode and then copy the data back again. Changing between operating modes needs the drives set-up to be completely restructured, which can’t be done without losing the content.

If the 2nd drive is showing red then it has issues and presumably may be either dying or dead. Also be aware that if you do use spanning, then if one of the drives again subsequently dies, you’ll lose all the data from ALL of the drives (as bits of it can get split around on all the drives as they’re basically treated as one single large drive, so one dying will probably chop lumps out of everything).

It’s one of those cases to be very careful of using spanning, as opposed to JBOD or more ideally one of the RAID options if you have multiple bays (RAID1 for 2-bays, RAID5 or higher for 4+ bays).

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Thanks for this. I decided to stay with JBOD.

The disk is actually fine. The light was red because I hadn’t configured it yet. After I set it to JBOD, the light turned blue.