External pc drive - sync to My Cloud Home

I’d like to (automatically) sync folders on my external computer drive, to My Cloud Home.
However, there is no ‘sync’ button when I right click on these folders.
How can I solve this?

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open the link below and follow instructions for USB import.


Thank you for your answer Patrick, but unfortunately, that’s not exactly what I mean.

As a photographer, I have an external drive permanently connected to my computer. I’d like to back-up my photos from my external drive (that’s connected to my computer), directly to the My Cloud Home. But it seems like I cannot sync folders on the external drive.

Any suggestions?

have you looked at free file sync >> https://freefilesync.org/

works excellent with My Cloud Home

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This makes a lot more sense than the WD MY CLOUD HOME software. I am giving it a try now. so far it is relatively intuitive and does what I want. I have no clue why but sync with WD offered zero options on the sync - and it only recognized some folders and not others for sync. Like "documents’ it saw. “desktop” it did not. FREEFILESYNC.org seems to be working fine and lets all folders be chosen and filtered.