Can one Sync an external PC drive to My Cloud? Anything to be aware of c.q. worry about?

My wife has an external HDD (USB 3.0) that she plugs into her PC and sometimes takes it with her to meetings in order to access files there easily.

When she plugs this into her PC it will show as drive K:

I am about to configure her WD Sync for her. I know I can click on WD Sync in the System Tray (Windows 7 on her machine), click Settings in the Context Menu, and in the WD Sync Settings dialog I can Add Folders to sync some of her local folders to our My Cloud

So I am inclined to use this Add function to add folders from her K: drive

The only thing I’m a little concerned about is what happens when she Ejects her K: drive, and when she later reinserts it again. Is there anything I need to worry about in that regard? Any “best practice” she should follow in order to avoid problems? Or will it simply stop synching while the K: drive is out, and happily resume when she reinserts it? Just asking here to prevent avoidable issues… if there are any!

Thanks folks.

Hi rozeboosje,

Yes, it is possible to sync your external drive which is plugged in to the computer to your My Cloud. However, if you unplug the drive while synchronization it would stop and you have you manually resume it when you reinsert the drive again.