External Drive showing 0MB

I just purchased a WD My Book 25EE 8TB external hard drive to plug into my MBLD for more capacity. When I plug it in to the MBLD, it shows the USB icon at the top of the web interface and it shows under Settings/Storage/External Storage, but it shows 0MB in size. It also does not create the Share for the external drive. The external drive is not password protected and when I plug it directly into my Mac or Windows machine, it mounts and shows the correct size. Any thoughts on how to get the MBLD to recognize the capacity and mount the share?

If this is a new WD My Book (WDBBGBxxxxHBK) you’ll have to format it as NTFS since the WD My Book Live Duo does not support exFAT external hard drives.

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I ended up opening a support request and that was exactly the issue. I formatted it as HFS+ (I am primarily a Mac user) and that took care of the problem. Thanks for the reply!

My pleasure.