USB drive plugged in to duo?

So, I have the my book live duo 8TB, and I have a USB drive plugged in to it for more storage, I have went to computer, windows explorer, and even the network.  But can’t seem to find it.  I have even signed in to the web page, and it shows the USB drive, even tells me how much space is availible.  How do I find it to use it and and play my files?  Have windows 7 home premium.

It will be listed next to the Public share of the Duo. If you go to Windows Explorer and navigate to your Duo you should see it.

The name might be odd, but it should be there.

Another way to access it would be to open the Start Menu, in the text box at the bottom type \mybookliveduo and press enter. (Providing your mybookliveduo has not been renamed)

This should show you all of the shares, and one of them should be your USB.

Don’t see it in windows explorer anywehere.  But when I go to it with WD2go, it’s listed, weird.  Can even see it with the mac.

You might not have File Sharing turned on in your Windows Explorer.

If you want, try using Quick View. It is a handy tool that will give you easy access any WD device on your network. 

the problem could be that the 8Tb USB drive you’ve got connected has a USB interface that is not compatible with the MBLD or the MBLD is not providing enough power to the external drive, unless the USB drive is externally powered.

I have come across one USB 3.5" drive that would flat refuse to be recognised properly by the MBLD. It seemed the MBLD’s USB port could not provide enough power to the drive to allow it to correctly initialise.

Something to consider.  When you plug the drive into the MBLD, listen to it. Do you here repeated clicking that seems to be a pattern and not random?  If you hear a pattern of clicks repeating and/or the drive spinning down and up then chances are, not enoughb power being provided to the external drive.

If it’s working with WD 2go, then the drive is recognizing it.  You must have something else going on.

Open up a CMD window on a microsoft PC and issue the command

net view (ip address of MBL)


net view

… cut and paste the results.

Getting power to it isn’t the problem.  The reason I know this is the mac sees it, wd2go sees it, **bleep** even another app called tonido sees it.  Even when I share it on the network through a different USB port, I can see it there too.  No biggy, have found other ways to use it.

Have you checked the file system of that external drive for inconsistencies?

Miller, look at my post directly above yours.   I gave you a suggestion to try…