MBLD not seeing contents of USB drive

I have a WD 25EE 6TB attached to my MBLD. The duo sees the drive but doesn’t show any volume.
I know it “takes a while” to register the contents, but it’s been hooked up for 14 hours now. When I plug it directly into my computer, it reads just fine.

Hi Vic_Meisner,

We would suggest you to map the drive on your My Book Live device.

You could refer the information provided below for assistance.

It is recommended to unlock the drive if any password is set before it can be used with a My Book Live Duo. The USB drives that you want to use should be formatted to any of the following file systems: NTFS, HFS+J, EXT2, EXT3, or EXT4.

The drive does not show up under Shares.

Found out drive was formatted incorrectly. Thanks!

I had the same problem today. I bought a new USB MyBook 6TB drive to use as a safepoint drive. It would not show as a share drive and as a result could not set up a safepoint drive.
I discovered after wasting many hours, that the new MyBook drive is formated as an exFat format and the MyBook Live Duo, does not recognize ExFat. I reformated it to NTFS on my PC and then connected it to the MB Live Duo and it recognized it. I am back in business.