External drive on WD TV Live unit not always visible

I run a WD TV Live streaming video player hard wired via a router to my Mac OSX Mavericks.  From my Mac I routinely access the 1TB drive attached to the WD unit.  Everything works fine.  When I switch off the WD, sometimes the drive remains active with an external light showing, sometimes it too is switched off.  When the WD is off but the drive attached to it is active, I can still access and edit the drive.  When the drive is also off, I cannot see it from my Mac, obviousy.  My question is, is there a setting in the WD that leaves the drive on or switches it off when the WD is off?  There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when the drive is on and when it is off.

Press OFF > 5 seconds to set the device to Deep Standby which will turn off bus powered drives and network access.

Thanks for the reply, Techflaws.  I regret that I did not receive a notification that there was a reply.

Your suggestion baffles me.  Why would I want to turn off network access and bus powered drives when my issue is that I cannot see them at times.  I do not know what Deep Standby is.  Can you explain a little further, please?

Deep Standby should turn the drive off. If you’re not in Deep Standby but regular standby, many drives usually stop spinning after 10 minutes or so. IOW there is not setting on the WDTV to influence this.