External USB Hard Drive not 'sleeping'

I have a brand new WD TV Live device, and I’m liking it so far.  But I have noticed that if I ‘power down’ the device by pressing the power button on the remote (causing all the lights to go off on the device), the ‘drive access’ light on the external USB Hard Drive I have plugged in does not go out, and I can feel the drive spinning.  This is still the case, 1 day after powering down the WD TV LIve  unit.  Is there a way to ‘sleep’ the external hard drive?

This same external USB hard drive will go to ‘sleep’ after, say, 30 minutes of inactivity when plugged into my windows 7 laptop.

As an update, I have noticed this:

If I power down (red button on remote) the unit, WD TV Live box lights turn off, but external HD drive light stays on (and drive keeps spinning).  But if I just leave the device on, and don’t use it, it eventually ‘sleeps’ all by itself (I think it’s a 3 hour sleep timer) and in this mode, the external HD drive light goes out also! 

This would appear to be a bug of sorts, but I’ll live with it for now.

The drive lights go off if you set it in Deep Standby (press OFF > 5 seconds). It still might be a good idea to eject the drive manually first.

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Thanks!  That is really helpful.  I have downloaded the latest manual and will read up on features.