USB / Sharing Problem


I use a WD TV Live with a hard drive WD My Passport Ultra 1 To, and the WD TV Live is connected to my network with wires (CPL)

The problem is that each time i power off the WD TV Live, if i try to write some files on the WD My Passport Ultra from my PC, it fail : the copy try to start but never really begin.

Sometimes, i can’t access the hard drive at all.

To solve the problem i have to unplug / replug the hard drive, annoying …

Sometimes the WD TV Live refuse to play any files that is on the hard drive, it say “incompatible …”, same action to solve problem : unplug / replug hard drive.

This problem does not exist with a seagate disk in a IcyBox IB-273StU3 Enclosure, i am very disappointed that two WD products are incompatible …

I think that when the WD My Passport Ultra stop to rotate (waking state), the WD TV Live is unable to wake him up for some reason …

Any idea ?

If your WDTV is turned off, you cannot access a drive connected to it to copy, etc., because the drive is disconnected from the network unless the WDTV is on.  This is not a “defect”; it is the way network things work.  To copy to your WDTV drive, start afresh by turning the WDTV completely off and unplug it.  Wait a few moments, plug it back in and turn it back on, let it settle in for operation (read drive, etc) and then copy file to the drive, and it should work fine…

I can access and copy files to the disk with the WD TV live turned off, i always could.

I just did it, i have to unplug / replug the disk, and it work, the wd tv live stay off, 100 % sure.

Thank you to check your statements before posting

Not if you turned it off by pressing > 5 secs = Deep Standby.

I don’t turn it off by pressing > 5 secs

Others users say same as me : usb drive accessible via network even if wd tv live turned off :

I have experienced that even “deep-sleep” will not cut the power to the usb ports. I also still can access the drives connected to the WD’s USB ports thru my network. Furthermore, besides the two LEDs of the player are off, the player is quite warm, indicating that it is rather in stand-by than in deep-sleep.

Anyway, this is not helping for my problem.

    to check your statements before posting

   Anyway, this is not helping for my problem.

1.  When I said off, I meant really off – unplugged off.  In that case ,you cannot access the drives.

2.  Before you go repremanding others trying to help you again, be sure you told us which exact WDTV you have.  You posted in the wrong forum!  Your comments indicate you have a WDTV Live Streaming, but you posted in the older model forum called  Live & Live Plus.  There are pictures of the different models at the top of the forum first page – did you not even look at the pictures before you posted?  So, your misinformation is not helping solve your problem, pal.

Look, I have a Live Plus, I know how it works, and I answered your question as it relates to the older model; not the newer one. The newer model has a standby mode that can confuse users that it is off. 

Good luck solving your problem.  I have passed on all the help I am going to do in this thread.

Orly ? you can’t access a drive that is not powered ?

In my country the WD TV Live streaming is simply named WD TV Live and the design isnt very different than the “real” WD TV Live.

For the rest : cool story bro

Which model do you have, Mr. Know-it-All?


3.  Unplugged is truly OFF.  Unplug your WDTV and then see if you can access the attached drive.

acidamer wrote:

For the rest : cool story bro

You mad, bro?

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acidamer wrote:

For the rest : cool story bro

You mad, bro?

Hey, our new bro has created a new thread for this issue – guess where?  In the correct forum for his model:  the SMP!

And he didn’t even thank us for putting him on the right path.  :stuck_out_tongue: