EX4100 - Using Amazon S3 Backup - 'Incremental' Backup is Full Backup

One of the reasons I purchased the EX4100 was the ability to backup to my AWS S3 buckets.

I am able to create the backup jobs and have them run pretty much the way I want to, but I have run into a problem that I don’t really understand.

One of my backups is set for ‘incremental’ backups, which I believe means that the unit should only back up new or changed files (since the last backup). However, it seems to me that if a backup has been interrupted for some reason, and was not completed, the ‘incremental’ backup starts again at the very beginning, backing up unchanged files.

Has anyone 1) experienced this and 2) figured out a solution?

Thanks and best regards

Hello, unfortunately I have never used Amazon S3, hopefully another user will be able to provide some information on guidance.

For what it’s worth, the manual states the following:

In the Backup Type field, select the type of backup you’d like to perform from the drop-down menu. 

Options include:

- Overwrite existing files: Overwrites files in the target folder that have the identical name as your source file.

- Full Backup: Creates a separate folder containing all of the backup data each time the backup is performed.

- Incremental Backup: Overwrites files with source files that are newer than the target files.

I have selected Incremental Backup, as previously stated, yet it is NOT only the new files that are written; it appears to be all of them.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

I had the same issue. I resolved it by following what was discovered here: EX2 and Amazon S3 backup failure and versioning

Basically what WD call “Incremental” actually means “Full Backup”.

The option you want is “Overwrite Existing File(s)”. This will upload new or changed files and skip the existing ones.

Crazy, I know. I can only conclude that either WD’s understanding of the word “Incremental” is different from their users, or they made a mistake when developing their firmware.