Amazon Glacier backups


I want to backup some of my data to Amazon S3, in Glacier. To this purpose I created a rule in my S3 bucket to immediately move all items to Glacier, being a much cheaper storage and this being data that I would only want to retrieve if something goes horribly wrong (such as my house being broken into and my WD Mirror stolen) so retrieval times are not really important. I created the job and it works fine the 1st time, but when it starts again (it’s set as an incremental backup) it acts as if it’s the first time it’s doing it, creates a new folder with the timestamp as part of the name and uploads EVERYTHING again. So after the 1st 2 backups, I already have all the data stored twice.

Hello, I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

i seem to be having this duplicative behavior on the initial WD “incremental” backup into S3 Standard storage; ie WD seems to forget where it is on the incremental sequencing and throws in a random full backup…so i seem to have duplication before i even archive into Glacier