EX4100 RAID Set up, JBOD, & loss of all Data

Is there a way to set up the EX 4100 as JBOD without loosing the data?

Just bought a EX4100 to replace an eSATA JBOD set up. The hard drives are healthy in the EX4100. I would like to set the EX4100 to JBOD. As soon I try to initiate the process to switch over to JBOD the friendly warning appears “Changing the RAID mode will erase all of the data on the drives listed below”. It is clear that I do not want to loose all the data on the four hard drives - what would be the best approach? Thank you.

Hi there,

Drives will need to be formatted in order to create a new RAID array.
So far there is no other way, but to backup your data onto another location and transfer it back once the array is configured.


thank you. I figured. tnx regards//phil

Even in JBOD?