Ex4100 LCD screen dead

A while ago my EX4100 LCD screen went blank. backlight is on, no writing is appearing.
is this a replaceable part?

You should check the LED Enable/Disable status from the dashboard first it you are able to access the device’s dashboard. To know the steps to check the status of My Cloud LED from dashboard. you can refer the user manual page number 79 to know the steps. Link for the User Manual of the device is given below.

If the LED status of Dashboard is showing as Enabled, it means the LED has gone bad. You can contact WD Customer Support for this issue they might help you to replace the EX4100 device enclosure if it is under warranty.

Afraid it is on and nothing on the screen, thanks though…

Just out of curiosity: How did it turn out? Did you get it fixed? How was the WD support? How much did it cost to fix? Thank you!

Wow - no.
First I am based in Tonga in the South Pacific, so WD don’t send couriers here,
They sent it to New Zealand who said it’s over $1000 so pay duty but only after send the dead part,
I then explained it was being done as an advanced RMA - new part first then send dead part and had some contacts in NZ customs assist - they then agreed to take a refundable bond.
However Tonga lost it’s fibre internet to the whold country and where I am we had not internet for 18 days. by the time the agent could phone me (I couldn’t phone at all for 12 days) and tell me what happened it was now to close to the 30 daya RMA limit I asked them again to return the parcel…
Long story short it’s going to be cheaper to by a second hand ex4100.
I cannot turn the unit off or see warning messages. this my media collection and I need to expand it nyway - when I have money, as I am very close to being broke!!

Mine has now done the same, completely blank and set to On in the Dashboard.

Has anyone managed to replace it and if so where did you buy the replacement LCD from.

I’m searching ebay etc, with no luck.