Ex2Ultra sleep and power schedule problem

  1. My EX2Ultra never goes into sleep mode even I set it in the GUI. The LED always blue.
  2. I turned on the Power Schedule option in the GUI (off for 2-6 am). The system turned off when I wake up. However, it never turn back on.
  3. I tried the wake on lan app from my android phone, it never wake the system up.

Anybody know how to fix it or should I ask for RMA?


You will want to see the dedicated EX2 subforum (below) and search through or post your issue there. People may be more knowledgeable about the EX2 Ultra in that dedicated subforum than this one (My Cloud). This subforum is generally for the single bay My Cloud devices who’s sleep issues/and potential fixes may not be the same as those for the EX2 Ultra.