Ex2 Ultra > Windows 10, cannot map to Explorer outside the LAN or home network, "no connection.."

Moved this topic from a higher level topic down to specific Ex2 Ultra topic

connect to home cloud in own network - good admin password
connect to cloud through web - good admin@wdmycloud password
connect to cloud through device as mobile with activation code - good
connect to cloud through mapping from outside my network \192.168.178.x\share - no good

I have already turned “on” the smb file sharing within Windows Features
update: I will turn off the smb file sharing…dangerous

Anybody have ideas?

Hi colimbus,

You can only map the my cloud in LAN. If you want to map the drive outside the LAN then you have to configure the FTP access on my cloud.

Please refer to the link given below for more information.

Thanks Alex. I have also configured the FTP and DNS with Google. Both solutions have not worked so far. I believe the settings on my router need to be checked.