EX2 Ultra vs EX2100

Hello all it seems like these 2 NAS units are exactly the same as they both have 2 bays and support the same apps except for the fact that the EX2 can support a bit more storage and the EX2100 has 2x gigabit ports. And of corse the price difference.

But what is the difference between these 2 units?

There are internal differences in hardware components. However, only CPU info and RAM type (1GB DD3) are available to the public.

They both run a Marvel ARMADA 1.3 GHz dual-core and have 1GB of ram tough?

Sorry I never phrased my question nicely, what is the difference between the 2 units because the seem exactly the same besides the fact that the Ultra supports more storage (Not necessary) and the 2100 has 2x gigabit ports (also not necessary). As well as which unit is better?

The EX2 Ultra is the new version of WD Cloud products as same as WD My Cloud Gen2. That’s why WD EX2 Ultra(almost 2 times faster than WD EX2) has the same CPU and RAM as WD EX2100 at lower cost. However, I believe that the next new product to come out could be WD EX2100 as in online WD Store, EX2100 stock has not been renewed for a while. So if you want to get WD EX2100, you might want to wait for a new product as it will be pretty much the same price and might be 2x faster than the old one. Regardless of what I believe, if I recall, WD EX2100 has better cooling system for its design(I have not owned one, but I read a few articles) if WD EX2 Ultra still uses the same cooling system as WD EX2. So I think it’s based on your usage; like how many people will be using this unit, how often, and whether they stream movies or not.