EX2 Ultra vs EX2100?

How is the EX2100 different than the EX2 Ultra? Specs seem basically identical, except EX2100 has two ethernet ports and hdd trays open from the front.

I think they have the same processor and RAM amount. But because the second version of EX2100 hasn’t come out yet, that is why they have the same specs. EX2100 came out around the same time as WD EX2, so either get EX2 Ultra or wait for new EX2100.

EX2 came out in March 2014 where EX2100 came out in February 2015

Okay, sorry about that. But you can still consider WD EX2100 and EX2 to be the same generation, while WD My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and EX2 Ultra be second generation.