Ex2 Ultra and Warranty

Hi there,
i’ve bought a 16tb WD mycloud ex2 ultra and i upgraded to OS5. i have 2 years and 6months warranty, i checked in WD website.
if the enclosure (so the electronics, not the Hard Drives!) will die, must i send to warranty with HDDs inside? there is my data inside, and if enclosure will die i ll need to have my data while hardware is in warranty.
if enclosure will die, maybe WD can ask me to send it with HDDs inside? i think/hope not, otherwise i ll remain without my data for some days/weeks!
Thank you so much

Hi what they did with me was send a replacement full unit out & when you receive it you have 30 days or so to transfer all your stuff from one device to another. Once it’s done you send the faulty device back hope that helps

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