EX2 Problems

I’ve used a number of WD’s ‘cloud’ devices, and have to say I’m extremely disappointed with all of them… They all seem to be slow, buggy, and overall unreliable.

Latest problems are with my EX2. Media services are disabled, and if I copy a large amount of data, the thing is basically useless until the next day with it catches up. CPU gets maxed out from smbd process. Had to reset it last week since it was completely hung from any access…

I loaded the newest firmware a few days ago, hoping it would fix these issue, and was able to get into the dashboard. Not only didn’t it fix the problems, but now I can’t get into the dashboard. I can access files through the network, and get the dashboard login screen, but can’t log in to any account - local or network. Invalid accounts show invalid username/password messages, but correct credentials just sits there.

So I’ve seen the only “solution” is a reset? That’s such an irresponsible solution! I’m remote, so don’t have local access. Physically powering it off without an orderly “shutdown” risks corruption of data, and I have no way of knowing if anyone’s accessing or writing files. Extremely poor “solution”, especially for a business environment.

Are there any real fixes to performance and this lack of reliability?


This might sound a little harsh, perhaps a little patronising, but honestly the best solution is buy a NAS from one of the outfits that know what they are doing and how to write software to make them work such as Synology or QNAP.

You’ll pay for it but you get a much better product.

I gave up on my EX2 and sent it back as “not fit for purpose”, then bought a QNAP.

I still have an EX2 in use at work, which is used as little more than a dump for software installs (saves having to keep down loading them and I don’t want them taking up space on our proper servers RAID arrays), but even that will be binned when I can justify a real NAS.

I had the same issues as described by Steven_Stuart.
After countless useless responses from WD support I gave up.

I bought two Synology 713+ devices, and all problems disappeared.