EX2 always wakes up once or twice after each standby


when my new EX2 (with 2x1.5To inside) goes to “standby”, it immediatly wakes up, and then goes to “real” standby 10min after. It sometimes wakes up a second time before the real standby… It is annoying and weird; can someone help me about that ?

Thanx a lot !

Not sure what kind of a solution you are looking for. I can give a solution but it is manual and is not permanent. It will need to be done everytime this happens. And this solution needs SSH access, so you’ll have to enable SSH access from the dashboard’s settings, if you haven’t already. And you will need an SSH client like the free PuTTY (for Windows) or the Terminal (included with Mac OS X).

  1. Connect via the SSH client to the EX2 using the EX2’s IP and using sshd username and whatever password you have setup for sshd

  2. Because you have not mentioned what mode you are running the EX2 drives in (JBOD, etc.), I am giving this additional step so that you do this just the first time and make note of it. Type the following command: hdparm -I /dev/sdb

This command gives you either an error message like ‘No such file or directory’ or returns some info (the -I is for info). If you do get back some info then basically the next step (step 3 will need to be repeated by just changing the last part of the command from “sda” to “sdb”. You do NOT need to perform this step 2 everytime.

  1. Type the following command to make the drive go into standby - the hdparm is a powerful command so make sure you type in the following command correctly: hdparm -y /dev/sda
    If based on step 2, you need to repeat the command then type: hdparm -y /dev/sdb
    The drive(s) will wake up automatically when you access them again.

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