Enabling Direct or Local Mode on my My Cloud Home (Google Wifi)

My new MCH Duo 8TB is stuck in Relay mode [the device just changed to local on its own], won’t update after 3 days (currently on 5.0.7-103), and will not detect my older My Cloud device for importing. Not sure if they are all being caused by a single issue or not.

  • My setup: Cable modem > Google Wifi router > Gigabit switch > My Cloud Home.
  • I have confirmed that I am not in a Double NAT situation, as warned by the documentation.
  • The router has UPnP turned on.
  • In case it matters, IPv6 is turned on.
  • Turning on port forwarding did not seem to work, but I may have mis-configured (40000-49999 > MCH)
  • Personal commentary: Not being able to update to the latest firmware immediately upon start up is bad news…I hope WD works on a new approach.

Any guidance anyone can provide?


Hello Nyphur,

I would suggest you to contact WD support to get assistance regarding this issue.

Refer the link provided below for contact details.